Anthem Youth Ministries

7th-12th grade

Anthem Youth Ministries is designed to challenge the student to grow in faith. We want students to seek truth. Who is God? Why is a relationship with God important? When students seek the answers to these questions, we believe they will find the answers they are looking for. 


At Anthem Youth Ministries, we love to have fun. Our students grow together when they do things together. At Anthem, you can be involved in wide-range of activities, from paintball to summer camp.




From March 10th - April 9th Anthem Youth will be partnering with Chili's for a fundraiser to help students attend Fine Arts Festival.

15% of any purchase made at Chili's between these dates will go directly to helping the students of this church.

(Click Here to Download Flyer)



When: March 20th  | Cost: $18 + $ for food           When: March 26th | Cost: $ for Food


  When: April 8th | Additional Cost TBD                  When: June 19th - 23rd | Cost: $105

                                                                                Deposit of $55 and registration due to

                                                                                          Pastor Austin by April 24th 

When: April 24th | Cost: Free



Columbus First Assembly - 2100 Tenth St - Columbus, IN 47201 - (812) 376-7833